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Mavillette Beach

Mavillette Beach is located in Digby County


Mavillette Beach began supervision by the Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service in 2001, in conjunction with the Municipality of Clare. The beach is supervised on weekends only.


Mavillette Beach features outdoor change houses, toilets, a parking area and boardwalks to access the beach. There is also a restaurant and motel nearby.

Beach Safety

Mavilette Beach lifeguards advise patrons not to swim further down towards the third set of stairs as there are strong rip currents. The 200m supervised swimming area is marked by red and yellow flags on either side of the beach. This area is on a big sandbar and is the safest place for patrons to swim. The water temperature ranges from 11-16 degrees and there is usually surf up to about 4 feet when the tide is on its way in. The tide at Mavillette Beach goes out about 800m. Mavilette Beach is supervised by lifeguards only on the weekends.


From Yarmouth, take the Harvest Highway-101 East towards Clare. Take exit 32, left on Hectamooga Rd, continue onto Salmon River Rd. Turn right onto Evangeline Trail then left on John Doucette Rd.

Civic Address

295–395 John Doucette Rd, Mavillette