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Australian Exchange

The Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service has had an lifeguard exchange affiliation with the Wollongong City Council Lifeguard Service since 1985. Each summer, the Wollongong City Council sends an Australian delegate to Nova Scotia to work on Nova Scotia's beaches, and each winter, the Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service sends a Canadian delegate to Wollongong, Australia to work as a lifeguard for their peak summer season. Exchange lifeguards work for the summer weeks, and in that time experience new people, learn new lifesaving techniques, work in new environments, and face new challenges.

Adapting to the differences between Australia and Nova Scotia enhances the lifeguard's abilities to make decisions and perform well in new situations. Lifeguards also have the opportunity of seeing a new country and learning about a new culture. The knowledge, experience, and skills lifeguards bring back to their native beaches are invaluable and enrich all those who work with them.

Lifeguard Exchange History

1988 -- Ed Kaulbach
1989 -- Jason Cross
1990 -- John Cross
1991 -- Angus Lindsay
1992 -- John Bessonette
1993 -- Rob Bednarik
1994 -- Dave Leblanc
1995 -- Mike Kellock
1996 -- N.W.
1997 -- Rob Smith
1998 -- Sean Dyer
1999 -- Craig Durling
2000 -- Adam Teasdale
2001 -- Andrew Millar
2002 -- Dan Fraser
2003 -- James Wildsmith
2004 -- Aaron Sellers
2005 -- Neal Durling
2006 -- Cory Barrington
2007 -- Peter Cove
2008 -- Patrick Coleman
2011 -- Cree De Clouett
2012 -- Alex Groot-Koerkamp
2013 -- Richard MacAulay
2014 -- Fletch Selig