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Kannon Beach

Kannon beach BlueKannon Beach is a locally owned surf shop located near Lawrencetown Beach. NSLS employees are eligible for percent discounts on some merchandise. They also support the lifeguards at Lawrencetown beach by storing rescue for our Stoney Beach project.

Banana Boat

Banana Boat is one of the leading sunscreen brands, providing the best quality products made with only the highest quality ingredients. Banana Boat has partnered up with the NSLS to ensure sun safety. Our lifeguards spend about eight hours per day outside in the sun. By providing these lifeguards with their sun block, they have helped to ensure not only our guards keep their skin safe from dangerous UV rays, but also all of our beach patrons by promoting sun safety.

Midas- Robie Street, Halifax

midasMidas on Robie Street in Halifax has supported the Lifesaving Society to maintain their vehicles and trailers for several years.