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About the Society
The Lifesaving Society is a national volunteer organization and registered charity, composed of tens of thousands of individual members and over 2,000 affiliated aquatic facilities, municipalities, waterfronts and schools. Established in England in 1891 as The Swimmers' Life Saving Society, we became the Royal Life Saving Society in 1904. Today, we are known to Canadians simply as the Lifesaving Society.

Mission Statement

As Canada's Lifeguard Experts, our mission is to prevent drowning and water related injury through training, public education, and community involvement.

A Canada free from drowning and water-related injury.

These basic values drive our decision making:

Humanitarian principles are the basis of our organization
People are our most important resource
Our organization is dynamic and action orientated
Our organization is based on mutual respect, trust and integrity
Our organization fosters innovation and creativity.

Making Canadians Water Smart®
The Lifesaving Society works with a number of partners to collect information on unintentional water-related deaths in Canada. Each year, we publish The National Drowning Report and provincial drowning reports with our findings. Our annual drowning research focuses our Water Smart® public education efforts on those people most at risk - like men fishing in small boats - or those who can make a significant difference, such as parents of young children.

Our Resources
The work of the Lifesaving Society - Nova Scotia Branch is done largely through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers who are supported by a governing body of volunteer Board of Directors members. On behalf of our members, the Lifesaving Society - Nova Scotia Branch acknowledges the continued support of the Government of Nova Scotia through the Office of Health Promotion with the Department of Health & Wellness. Such support is integral to the advancement of organizations such as ours.

Articles and by-laws

Strategic Plan

The Lifesaving Society Nova Scotia Branch Board of Directors approved the branch’s strategic plan for 2018-2023.

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As the cornerstone of the society we strive to eliminate drowning and aquatic related
injuries through the advocacy of drowning prevention.
drowning  1a - Development an action plan to address the increased risk of drowning experienced by New Canadians and Indigenous people that includes community engagement, training and public education. STS Coordinator 2019
1b - Continued support of the Swim-to-Survive program with the goal of reaching 100% of all grade threes, while expanding STS to reach other at risk groups in Nova Scotia. STS Coordinator Ongoing
1c - Creation of a Nova Scotia drowning prevention coalition of like-minded organizations to lobby municipal and provincial government to increase awareness of the need for Watersmart education and training. Executive Director 2021
1d - Provide support to the Canadian Drowning Coalition. Executive Director Ongoing
1e - Encourage the pursuit of research by individuals and groups through providing resources, support and funding. Executive Director Ongoing
1f - Develop 4-6 drowning prevention initiatives that target at risk demographics as identified by annual Lifesaving Society drowning reports, including a greater emphasis on drowning prevention week activities. Program Manager 2019

Contribute to the mission of the society by developing and supporting the
delivery of training programs, educational materials and services to
prevent drowning and water related injuries.

 training 2a - Create an inventory of all available Lifesaving Programs in Canada with the intention of identifying affiliate and member needs and the viability of offering new programs. Program Manager 2018
2b - Creation of an action plan to better support and utilize Instructor Trainers in Nova Scotia through effective
communication, regular meetings, professional development and of shared resources.
Program Manager 2020
2c - Develop a marketing plan to promote current lifesaving programs and resources, including the expansion of
First Aid programs.
Program Manager 2019
2d - Create and implement a recognition program for instructors. Program Manager
Board-Awards Committee
2e - Continue to support the Quality Assurance committee to ensure high quality instruction and program delivery that adheres to National standards. Board-QA Committee Ongoing
2f - Review leadership database in conjunction with instructor updates to identify active instructors and potential regional areas of
Program Manager 2018