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Bayswater Beach

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Bayswater Beach is located in Lunenburg County


Bayswater Beach's supervision began in 2007, after studies showed it's increasing popularity.


Bayswater Beach features a picnic area, outdoor barbecue pits, change rooms and toilets, and of course the beautiful South Shore scenery.

Beach Safety

Bayswater Beach is a particularly safe beach to swim. There are no rips or currents, and generally no surf. On occasion, however, Bayswater can experience "dumping" waves close to shore as a result of the slope of the beach. There is a freshwater stream that runs across the beach where many small children enjoy playing in the warmer water. This stream can experience poor water quality and will be posted if it is unsafe.


Located off Highway 339 (from Exit 6 off Highway 103), between Aspotogan and Blanford.

Civic Address

4015 Highway #329, Lunenburg County