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Bayfield Beach


Bayfield Beach is located in Antigonish County


Bayfield Beach began supervision in 1996, in conjunction with the Municipality of the County of Antigonish. The NSLS was contracted to supervise Bayfield Beach in 2013.


Bayfield Beach features change-houses, toilets, and a parking lot. Across the road from the beach is a small picnic park.

Beach Safety

Baysfield Beach's supervised swimming area is marked by red and yellow flags on either side of the beach, and red buoys in the water. It is generally about 200 metres in width, but can vary depending on beach conditions.


From Antigonish, take Highway 104 East. Turn left onto summerside Rd, then left onto Bayfield Beach Rd.

Civic Address

151 Bayfield Beach Road, Afton Station, Antigonish County