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Heather Beach


Heather Beach is located in Cumberland County


Heather Beach was one of the original 15 beaches first supervised by the Nova Scotia Beach Supervision Program in 1973. The current NSLS Director, Paul D'Eon, began his NSLS career at Heather Beach in 1975. Heather Beach's most prominent feature is its red colored sand, which is characteristic to beaches on Northumberland Strait which separates the northern shores of Nova Scotia and the south shore of Prince Edward Island.


Heather beach features change rooms, outhouses and two taps.

Beach Safety

Heather Beach boasts some of the warmest water in Nova Scotia, with temperatures typically around 22 degrees C, and conditions are generally calm, and safe. The sandbars at low tide are mostly exposed, leaving the buoys 200 metres from shore in water less than 0.5 metres deep. There is a very gradual slope, making for fairly safe conditions. The supervised area is approximately 200 metres long, and is generally located directly in front of the beach parking lot. Lifeguards advise patrons to always swim within the supervised area. On days with offshore winds, no inflatables or floatation devices are to be used. Boats and other hard-shell craft are also not permitted in the supervised swimming area.


Heather Beach is located 40 km southeast of Amherst on the Sunrise Trail, approximately 12 km north of Pugwash.

Civic Address

700 Beach Rd., Cumberland County