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Candidates for NLS/First Aid Instructor will receive training that will allow them to instruct National Lifeguard candidates as well as the Lifesaving First Aid program.

Candidates who wish to apply to any of the Lifesaving Advanced Leadership Programs must complete and fill out the application form (below). Candidates will be contacted when the course that they have applied for is running in their area.

Please Note: All candidates will be required to go though a screening process.

Candidates are expected to have the following pre-requisites before applying to be a NLS/First Aid Instructor:

  • Current National Lifeguard Service Award (within two years of the clinic date) in the option for which instructor status is desired.
  • Current Standard First Aid with CPR level C (within three years of the clinic date).
  • Has held National Lifeguard Service Award for two years.
  • Holds or has held Lifesaving Instructor status.
  • Lifesaving Advanced Instructor (may be included on course).
  • Attended an Examiner Standards clinic.
  • Three personal references other than family members.

NLS/FA Instructor status is achieved by:

  • Completing the application form and sending the form to the Nova Scotia Branch Office.
  • Successfully complete pre-workshop workbook and assignments.
  • Successfully compete the NLS/FA Instructor workshop.
  • Successfully complete post clinic screening experience consisting of apprenticeship on one complete NLS/FA course under the supervision of an experienced* certified NLS Instructor or other monitoring activity.
  • Receive a positive recommendation from the supervising NLS Instructor.
  • Submitting a "NLS Instructor Certification" form to the Nova Scotia Branch Office.

* An experienced NLS Instructor is defined as someone who has successfully taught a minimum of two (2) full NLS courses, with at lease one (1) done in the past two (2) years.

Please Note: All candidates will be required to go though a screening process.