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Ingonish Beach

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Ingonish Beach is located in Victoria County


Ingonish Beach is the only beach in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park featuring both fresh and salt-water swimming. A sandy ocean beach is washed away each winter and redeposited here each spring by the action of the waves. Over thousands of years, large cobblestones on the beach are worn round and smooth. A barachois composed of beach cobbles blocked off a cove centuries ago, cutting it off from the salty Atlantic Ocean. Cross the barachois to take a dip in warm Freshwater Lake.


Ingonish Beach features washrooms, change houses, playground, picnic area, tennis courts, a track and soccer field, as well as hiking trails. There is also a canteen open during the summer months.

Beach Safety

Ingonish beach lifeguards are on duty at the saltwater beach during July and August. This beach can experience occasional high surf days which can be dangerous. Patrons should also be cautious of a submerged rock located in front of the boardwalk. Due to the conditions at Ingoish Beach the lifeguards are now surpervising North Bay Beach instead. 


Civic Address: 90 Beach Rd., Ingonish The Park stretches across the northern tip of Cape Breton Island between the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Atlantic Ocean. Entrances to the Park are located on the Cabot Trail north of Cheticamp (west side of the Island) and at Ingonish Beach (east). If travelling from the Canso Causeway, you can either take Trans Canada Highway 105 to just outside Baddeck and follow the Cabot Trail north to Margaree Forks and Cheticamp. Or follow Route 19 (the Ceilidh Trail) along the west coast of Cape Breton Island to Margaree Forks. Then follow the Cabot Trail to Cheticamp. Driving time for either route is 2.5 hours. If driving from Sydney, take Route 125 to TransCanada Highway 105. Then take the Cabot Trail at the Englishtown ferry or at South Gut St. Ann's to Ingonish Beach. Driving time is two hours.

Civic Address

90 Beach Rd., Ingonish Beach