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Swim transition pathways for Red Cross-certified individuals

The Lifesaving Society and Canadian Red Cross have created special pathways by which Red Cross certification holders transition to corresponding Lifesaving Society certifications. These pathways recognize and acknowledge the competencies earned in Red Cross certifications while providing the knowledge and resources critical for success as a Lifesaving Society instructor, lifeguard or trainer.

The opportunity to attain Lifesaving Society certifications via these transition pathways ends December 31, 2022. Thereafter, individuals would be required to follow all normal Lifesaving Society certification requirements and pay all applicable fees.

Expiry date extension

To facilitate the transition, Red Cross has extended all Swimming & Water Safety and Lifeguard certifications to December 31, 2022 (if they would naturally expire before then).

Transfer of Red Cross certification data

With your permission, Red Cross will transfer your certification information to the Lifesaving Society. If you do not grant permission for this transfer, you will need to contact your Lifesaving Society provincial/territorial Branch for direction on how to provide proof of certification.