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Rescue Equipment - ACTAR Training Systems - First Aid

Submit Your Order

You can submit your order with the Lifesaving Society in one of the following ways:

By Mail

Complete the enclosed order form, or download the order form and mail it to:

The Lifesaving Society Nova Scotia Branch
5516 Spring Garden Road , 4th floor
Halifax , NS B3J 1G6

By Fax

Fax the completed order form to 902-425-5606.

By Phone

Call us at 902-425-5450 Ext. 323. Talk to real people Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. After hours, our answering machine will gladly record your order.

Description & Photo (click to enlarge) Price*
Spine Board
Heavy-duty, solid yellow plastic with vinyl covered aluminum runners. Unique 2-person soft rubber beaver tail option. Versatile strapping system with 5 plastic buckles safely secures virtually any body size or type. Available with beaver tail pre-installed, or you can install. Head immobiliser sold separately.
Universal Head Immobilize Waterproof system base can be secured with attached straps or permanently mounted on solid spineboards with set of 4 bolts. $186.00
Spineboard Straps Sets of 4 & 5 in buckle; or sets of 4 in velcro Call for pricing
Rescue Paddleboard This 3.3 m board meets Lifesaving Society specifications for trusted rescue performance; made with durable polyurethane foam core with polyester glass construction. White with "RESCUE" printed on bow, sides and keel; knee pads for padding comfort; 6 "sure-grip" handles. Made by Dolphin Surf Craft- Australia 's premier surf craft- available in North America exclusively from the Lifesaving Society.


 Rescue Tube - A multi-functional product that can be used at water parks and for lake, beach or pool rescues. They can be used for towing a victim, supporting the rescuer, or handed to a victim for assistance. Triple-dipped in a red vinyl covering to protect it from the elements. The 40” rescue tube measures 40”x6”x4” and has a 2” shoulder strap equipped with brass clips. $75.00
Rescue Can (Red) - 25" Bright red moulded durable polyethylene; side and rear handgrips; attached towing line and wide shoulder loop. Ideal for pools and lake conditions. Also available in yellow. $101.97
Fox 40 whistle and wrist lanyard.
The Fox 40 is an emergency signalling device and should be part of every survival kit. The Fox 40 is #1 with Canada 's Lifeguarding Experts.
CPR Pocket Mask and Case Packaged in a hard-shell, pocket-sized carrying case, this face mask features a clear mask with one-way valve and filter. Seals easily to adult, child and infant facial contours. Transparent dome allows rescuer to view mouth. Easy to clean. $17.70
Keychain CPR Mask CPR protective device complete with one pair of disposable latex gloves, packaged in a water-resistant recloseable pouch with keychain ring. $5.65
"Easy-grip" Bricks Now available: 5-, 10-, and 20-pound bricks for instruction, training and competition. All three feature the new easy-grip contour. Easy to pick up. Easy to hold. Easy to stack. The soft rubber casing makes them easy on the pool too.

5 lb. (2.25 kg) $35.59

10 lb. (4.5 kg) $49.75

20 lb (9 kg) $92.19

Combo pack
(1 of each) $152.17

ACTAR 911T This affordable CPR training system is the best for group instruction. One manikin per student means more hands-on practice. ACTAR is easy to clean, low maintenance, lightweight and compact. The Lifesaving Society is proud to have played a role in the development of ACTAR 911- a breakthrough in CPR training for group instruction. For information on the entire family of ACTAR products and spare parts, please contact our office.

Squadron (10 pack)

Patrol (5 pack) $566.40

Trooper (1 pack)

Infantry (10 pack)

Infantry (5 pack) $411.98

Infantry (1 pack)

ACTAR D-fibT All the features needed to teach both CPR and AED . Meets the revised 2005 CPR Guidelines. ACTAR D-fib features a closeable airway and is designed to facilitate a jaw thrust. Lightweight, fully modeled upper body accommodates AED training electrode pads. Landmarks include navel, nipples, xiphoid process, Adam's apple and carotid artery crease. Use the ACTAR D-fib for both child and adult compressions. No pistons, no elastics and easy to use: no bleach soaking required and no need to disinfect between users. ACTAR D-fib's disposable lung doubles as a face-shield/barrier. Entirely recyclable: no PVC.

ACTAR D-fib Compact 10:

ACTAR D-fib Compact 5:


ACTAR AED TrainerT AED Trainers allow an entire class to practice AED scenarios simultaneously. One AED Trainer per student means learners get lots of hands-on practice for more proficiency in less time. This AED Trainer provides realistic sequencing including placement of electrode pads and use of "Power-on", "Analyze" and "Shock" buttons. ACTAR AED Trainer is great in combination with ACTAR D-fib manikins or any other kind of CPR manikin or doll.

10 Pack:

5 Pack:

Other Lifesaving Society Rescue & First Aid Items Include:

Rescue: Waist PacThrow BagsRescue Manikins

Actar: Accessories, Lungs, Face Shields

First Aid: Bandages, SAM Splints, First Aid Kits

All rescue equipment is listed in our 2012 pricelist posted in PDF format.

Prices are for N.S. Residents and affiliates only
Please contact your local branch for prices in your province
Prices may vary between provinces

** Merchandise Prices are subject to change without notice **