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    Are you legally entitled to work in Canada?
    Have you worked for the Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service before?

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  15. *Standard First Aid
  16. Basic Life Support Level C (CPR-C)
  17. Oxygen Administration
  18. First Responder
  19. Lifesaving Instructor
  20. NLS Instructor
  21. Other:
  22. * - Required Certification

  23. TO BE INCLUDED WITH YOUR APPLICATION All applicants: Must attach a photocopy of their certifications and a one page typed covering letter outlining the contribution they will make to the NSLS if hired. Included can be special training skills, plans for beach public relations projects, personal goals, and/or specific site experience, etc.

    Assistant Director/Supervisor: Must include a resume in addition to the aforementioned items.

    Important: Qualified applicants will be contacted via e-mail to confirm interview, testing and physical screening dates. Please ensure your contact information (including e-mail) is correct!


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    ***Note: Please include a copy of all certifications***

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